About Money Button

Digital currency makes it possible to monetize content on the internet with small payments in a way that cannot be done with traditional payment systems.

In order to execute on that vision, we spent over a year and a half developing routing payment channel technology based on Bitcoin to create Yours.org, a social content destination with many innovative payment models such as paid comments and micropayments pay walls. Unfortunately, we learned that routed payment channel technology cannot be made user friendly.

When Bitcoin Cash launched in August, 2017, we discovered it fully solved the user experience problem of enabling users to cash in nearly instantly and nearly for free, send money to other users nearly instanly and nearly for free, and cash out nearly instantly and nearly for free. We archived 10,000 lines of payment channel code and went on-chain Bitcoin Cash. Yours.org was launched soon after the launch of Bitcoin Cash itself. In November, 2018, Bitcoin Cash split in two, and we switched to Bitcoin SV (BSV.

One of our top requests from Yours.org was to make our payment system available for third party apps and websites. So we developed Money Button, the world's simplest payment system which can be copy and pasted into websites and apps.

Money Button is a fully non-custodial client-side Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet running on the user's device. Our company does not have access to user funds. Users send money directly to each other using the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Blockchain.

We are funded by Bitmain, nChain, DCG, and a number of other angel investors.

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